Friday, January 2, 2009

Drawing To An End

We have had so very much fun the last couple of weeks. Playing in the snow, eating way too much, enjoying family and just general festivity. Today was really the last hurrah of the holiday season for us. My sister and her hubby who have been visiting from Washington DC spent their last day with us. She and I bummed around a local antique store and had lunch together. It was nice to spend some time alone with her!!!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with my brother and his family. They live nearby but with our busy lives we don't spend much time together although they are counted as some of our most favorite people :0)!!! My brother and sis-in-law adopted 5 beautiful children - some of them with many difficulties. They have been presented with some awesome challenges in raising these kids but are doing an amazing job!!! God's grace carries them daily!! We often have the pleasure of their oldest daughter spending time with us. She is a delight!! She has spent a good portion of this week with us which has been great fun!!

This evening we needed some wind down time so my sweet hubby fixed dinner while I dozed on the couch (I was intending to work on my blanket but sorta fell asleep instead :0) Then we ate dinner watching the movie Wall-e. Cute movie. Just a fun quiet evening sitting together.

Tomorrow the Christmas pretties will be wrapped carefully and put away until next year. Since my computer was sick for a while I didn't get to post a picture of my favorite Christmas decoration in my home so I will now before I take them all down:

This gives me the most pleasure of all to see at Christmas time - EIGHT stockings hung by the fire - what a gift God has blessed me with - Eight wonderful children to raise for Him~~
This is my newest addition to my snowman collection. I rescued her from my favorite thrift store for only $1.48!! I am crazy about her. My daughter said it was because she is just like me - and the more I though about it I agree. She's short, soft and round and so am I! She likes skirts and so do I. She always has a baby in her arms and so do I! My nose isn't quite so orange but all in all we could be twins :0)!!
Just a picture of my beautiful niece and handsome son watching the movie this evening. I just love it when we have a few extras hanging around - just adds to the fun!!
So very soon life will be settling down to the slightly less busy routine we have. I'm looking forward to regular bedtimes some quieter evenings but the joy of spending time with family that we don't get to see very often is a delight that I wouldn't trade for anything!!
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Simply Stork said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit. We too are anxious to get things back to "normal" around here. Must get back onto a schedule. I woke up to more snow today and now that I am looking out the window I am seeing that it is snowing yet again????

This year was so different...different in a way that I can say has never happened before. As you know I give hand made gifts...and with all the snow, well most family gave money??? they were extra excited to open a gift knowing that they did not have a chance to get out this year. It gave us an opportunity to point out what Christmas really means to us.

We were so thankful have the time to spend with them all :o)

We did make some memories that will carry on far into the new year!


Cinnamon said...

Winding down~ It's as wonderful as having a busy fun schedule isn't it.

Every time I visit your blog I think of my son as he is so close to you. We are so anxious to see him and seeing where you live and your family just makes me miss him more~

I love the stocking picture. We hung ours above our front window this year and it was so neat to see them all hanging there.

Any New Years Resolutions?