Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Music Galore!!

After a nice break music lessons have begun again. So the instruments are out and kids are madly practicing (catching up :0).

The guitars are out - the big boys play these:

The drumming has resumed
The fiddling has started
All beautiful music - I enjoy all the music that is always going on in our house. Not being particularly musically talented myself I do truly enjoy listening. When Esther is bigger I will start my music lessons again as well. I am painfully learning to play the fiddle also. My fiddle is taking a short rest while Esther grows but then I will be back at it.

Irish Dance lessons have also restarted: Ruthie is doing so well!!

There are a lot of lessons going on in this house!! We have managed to combine fiddle, dance and guitar lessons with other homeschool activities to keep the running around to a minimum (which I'm glad for). Music is so worthwhile to learn!! I wonder what instruments will catch the fancy of the younger crowd?


Cinnamon said...

Irish Dance lessons? Too cool! That's one great thing about living in the city....access to all those neat things~


Simply Stork said...

I couldn't agree with you more :o) My boys ran into your boys at the guitar center just the other's a small world :o)

glad to see we aren't the only ones with music, I mean playing (lol)


Simply Stork said...

ps I left something for you over at my blog...pop on in when you get the chance :o)


sister said...

Hi! Yes, it's me, emerging from my comfie zone, entering your world of blogging. Love your music, btw-that is, after I recovered from the startle it gave me! Children came running from all directions, and there went my peaceful 10 minute break! See you tomorrow!

momoflots said...

Yay, Sister!!! So glad you're here!!! HaHaHa - I can totally see all the kids running to the music!! You made my day seeing your words here!!!! Love you - see you tomorrow

Ross' Cottage said...

We are fortunate to have access to lessons at our center. So many things we otherwise may not be able to provide out children. We are back and going with piano and guitar along with the singing of choir. Hannah even announced tonight that she plans to sing at her own wedding someday...she is always looking ahead!

dayz in and dayz out... said...

Something to read...

trickysticks said...

Yay for music! We do run the gamut here as well.
From guitars to bass and drums, and then Emmett singing Weird Al.....I hope to be brave enough to try my fiddle again soon. Will and I were in Seattle Saturday night and went to an Irish pub where they had live (and sort of bad) Irish music. Made me want to try again.