Monday, January 26, 2009


So, Esther is blowing bubbles with her nose - really gross I know, but hey, I got that award that says I tell the good and the bad, so there it is - yuck :0)!!! Anyway, that means next to no sleep for Mommy and Daddy last night. I was really dragging today so sweet Ruthie decided to take over in the snack department. She made the BEST oatmeal cookies!!!
Don't they look yummy?!! (BTW there is snow on the ground again - you can just see it in the window)
Everyone loved them - especially this little man who kept insisting "Just one more Mommy - it'll be my last one!"

I knew they would go fast - she did such a good job.

Yep, good cookies!!
This sweetie also helped lots and lots today holding a fussy, drooly, sorta slimy - but still very cute baby girl while I folded lots laundry (yay!! Thanks to her I'm caught back up!!).

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Cinnamon said...

Oh we need a recipe :-) Those look yummy!! Isn't it wonderful when the children help and do special things? Children ARE a blessing~