Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I guess I got an award - from my friend Simply over at Simply Stork. She gave me the "Marie Antoinette Keeping it Real Award":

So this award is given to bloggers who tell the good and the bad and everything in-between. Thank you my friend. So I am supposed to pass this award along (I had to ask Simply what a blogger is supposed to do with something like this :0). I am passing it along to my new friend over at Knights and Maidens Gathering and to my friend over at Ross Country Cottage.
In the spirit of telling to good and the bad I'm going to show you what my dining room looked like earlier today:
Yuck!! The laundry pile is simply out of control!!!!
So after a lot of time and work and Esther willing to spend part of her day sitting in her play toy:
I finally got my house looking like this
And this is my reward - playing with chubby baby girl who has found that toes make very good toys:0) hee hee hee
This is my tip for the day - not that I'm an authority on much - but ten people in a home can generate a lot of laundry especially people of the infant sort and the teen sort!!! So after reading tons on laundry organization and creating schedules etc. I discovered something: those are all great and I do like keeping to a schedule but the real key to laundry success is one thing - JUST DO IT!! :0) (I'm preaching to myself here, by the way :0)
Blessings (I'm off to reload the washer),


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love when others show a real house! Then I dont' feel so bad :-)
Thank you for the award~

Esther looks to be growing just fine~ Love those chubby legs~

Granton is rolling over more and more~ Cinnamon

trickysticks said...

I love your comments about teen and infant. Those other kids not caring to bathe does have its' advantages, right? ;)

Tereza said...

nodding yes....exactly!!