Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

After all the anticipation Christmas morning has finally arrived. And guess what? We got to open our presents (very early, I might add) to heavy snowflakes falling outside!!

Christmas morning (since I wasn't manning the camera I couldn't keep myself in my bathrobe out of it - sorry about that! :0)

Special Christmas breakfast - we sing Happy Birthday at breakfast and blow out a candle - fun for the little ones.

Then we dressed up and went out for a snowy walk - look at that heavy snow!!

A view from up our street - all this snow is so very amazing!!

They will always remember this White Christmas - when the snow was up to their knees - the last time there was this much snow for Christmas here was in 1861!!!

Daddy and baby:

After our walk Daddy put his snow clothes back on and went to help the neighbor shovel his roof - see how thick the snowflakes are?!! We did manage to get out and spend the afternoon and evening at my sweet sister's home after spending about 40 minutes digging the van out of our driveway.

The snow was supposed to end and turn to rain today and guess what? It didn't - we got another inch of snow!!! The snowflakes were incredibly big today.

Ruthie and I just HAD to go out and catch some on out tongues :0)

What a blessed day we had. I hope your time was just as filled with joy!!

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Simply Stork said...

looks like you had some snow filled fun!