Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Fun

Today we went out and cut our Christmas tree. What a fun outing it was. The tree farm we visited was a ways out in the country so we had a beautiful drive. The owners had made a darling little nativity scene with real sheep - so before we headed out into the muddy mini forest we had to stop and feed the sheep:

There are no pictures of Jacob as he was a bit afraid of those woolly creatures.

Esther was far more interested in her thumb than the perfect tree - she was just so relieved to be out of her baby jail (the car seat :0)
Once we found our tree everyone (except Mommy and baby - of course) took turns cutting it down
Go, Jacob, go!!
Success!! The reward for trailing around the muddy tree farm and cutting down the tree was a big cup of hot cocoa and a roasted marshmallow the nice tree farm people gave the kids. Such fun!!
But the blessing of a gorgeous sunset that we all enjoyed as we cut our tree was from God!!!!
What a fun - memory making day!! (our teens opted out of this part of the merry making this year as it was pouring down rain when we left - maybe they thought their hair might get messed up or something?) God cleared the skys for us and gave us beautiful scenery and we all had a great time!!


Simply Stork said...

Hello and good morning :o) oh what fun it looks like your family had this weekend...I wish we had time to get our tree this weekend...the closest I got was my doily tree (lol)

Hope your having a wonderful day today :o)


I wanted to tell you that I have j's was left at school...(I'll bring it on thurs)

Cinnamon said...

I can just smell all the Christmas Trees :-)

What a beautiful sunset too!

Esther looks sooo adorable. I laughed when I saw she had her thumb, that's exactly what Granton does all the time. He's always got something in his mouth~ Too funny.

My Grace wants to know if your Ruthie crochets?


Cinnamon said...

Silly me~ you asked me what I was sewing a while back and I completely forgot to answer you~ sorry :-/ Well I posted it in the comments section of my blog.

I also wanted to tell ya' that the chamomille tea is working wonders. I stopped drinking it, on accident, for 2 days and Granton went right back to being up more and a bit fussier. So I'm back at drinking the tea. I've got a cup right now then I'm off to bed~

I hope your getting some sleep~ both you and Esther :-)


Theresa said...

Looks like a fun day! :o)