Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quiet Moments

Once again I cannot post pictures as our computer is still broken - it's in the computer hospital again :0(! It's been a very busy week - typical Christmas preparations (madly finishing creations to put under the tree, baking goodies to share with neighbors and friends as well as enough to feed these hungry teenage cookie monsters that live here, and preparing space in our home for family from out of town to stay). We also have my niece (7 years old) and my nephew (2 years old) staying with us for the week - my sister and her hubby needed to make an emergency trip to Colorado. So I'm seeing what it is like to be the mom of ten for the week. Snow has been falling for two days, off and on, much to the kids delight - so in the midst of all the other stuff I have zipped and unzipped snowsuits, pulled on and yanked off boots, hunted for lost mittens, dried snow pants and wiped up snowy puddles about a hundred times today. All so much fun!!!

Knowing this was going to be a busy time I have cherished any quiet moments I can find and God graced me with just such a moment today. I took down my curtains and washed them and cleaned my windows - one of the things I really wanted to get done before family comes to stay - I know - most probably won't notice - but I really wanted to get that done. After lunch the babies went down for naps and I began to iron my calico valances. I stood at the window listening to the iron sigh and the sweet sounds of Esther sleeping. I watched the snowflakes drift from the sky and the heavily laden trees nodding in the north breeze. The snowflakes sometimes whirled down in a frenzied dance and sometimes slowly slipped down to join their icy friends. I smelled the warm, sweet smell of the starch being heated by the iron and sipped some creamy, rich eggnog. Every one of my senses were being soothed by this wonderful quiet moment. The poet that lives in my heart was supremely satisfied. Then the kids all came tumbling in with red noses and chapped cheeks wanting hot cocoa - the quiet was gone - wonderful and refreshing while it lasted.

I enjoy my noisy, crazy, sometimes chaotic household - but truly cherish the sweet moments God gives me. They are often fleeting - easy to miss if I'm not paying attention. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a blessed moment during this busy season!!

Well, my blogging moment is now also over - Esther is calling and the kids are coming in starving - snow play makes for hearty appetites!! I hope I can put up some pictures soon - the snow should be around for a while - a rare thing where we live. I will have lots of snowy, cold pictures (we even have a long row of icicles on our roof - very rare, here - for sure!!!)

Mom of lots


Cinnamon said...

Oh I hope you didn't mind but I was there sharing that quiet moment with you watching the snowflakes drift down and taking in all the smells and even sipping some eggnog. Thank you! ~I~ needed that. :-)

Granton is rolling over :-0 He only does it every so often as we don't generally lay him on the ground or in his crib. He likes his exer-saucer the most. Lately he likes his paci AND his thumb:-) too cute~

It was so refreshing to read that YOU too get snowy muddy puddles at your door. I thought I was the only one who hadn't thought of how to rid my house of that problem.


Simply Stork said...

wow do you have your hands full...but it is all so much fun. We now have 16" and counting...big storm headed our way tomorrow???

missed not having school today...but it is so nice to hear what your group is up to :o)

I am praying for your sister...poor thing. She has been on my mind.

my moment is a quick one today...I'm off to mop up some snow puddles and serve some more soup :o)

blessings :o)


Ross' Cottage said...

I really never even thought about how other mom's are cleaning up their own snow puddles when it snows and the kids come back into the house! I just do it every year and keep thinking maybe I am missing out on a better way to not have them happen. It has now dawned on me that perhaps they happen in all homes with all kids...I know it sounds funny but I can not begin to tell you how many times I have stepped into one with nice dry socks and had to do a sock change! I have been enjoying the beauty of the snow. It just makes everything look so clean and fresh. I love having it stay for a bit. I hope you are enjoying all your Christmas time preparation! The time is flying by fast! I missed visiting with you this week! I have really come to depend on those mom visits! I will be praying for your sister and also for her children..and for you as you care for them this week. I am glad she has you to do this for her. You are helping her much by taking the time to care for her children! Hope to see you soon...Kim