Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a wonderful, blessed and down-right fun weekend! Esther did quite well in the car seat - only fussing for about 20 minutes each way. We travelled in the dark of night both ways so that helped I'm sure.

A little while after we arrived the sun rose and this beautiful sky greeted us:
As the day was gloriously sunny we took a walk to feed the neighbor's cows. What great fun. Did you know cows have really long tongues?:0) I got to feel what a cow's mouth feels like since my friendly cow got overly enthusiastic and thought my hand was part of the apple. It was just a little slimy - the kids thought it was kinda gross but it was funny!!!

A family walk

The centerpiece of our weekend was the wonderful Thanksgiving feast that Mom and I enjoyed cooking and putting together for the family. We spent time saying aloud what we were thankful for. It was a yummy meal and we all ate far more than we should have :0)!!

The weather got very rainy for the rest of the weekend so we played lots of games and enjoyed time visiting and relaxing. (The littles did go outside when the wiggles got too much and got soaking wet climbing stumps and walking logs - so much fun!!!)

During a break in the rain Mom and I took a walk by ourselves with no kids :0)!!! The creek was beautiful and the peace and quiet was a wonderful time to talk and just be together. I am very blessed to have a great friendship with my mama!!
One of the things the little ones love to do with Grandma is have a tea party. The big boys have fun memories of this special treat as well. It's so funny to watch the kids try to drink trying to hold up their pinkie finger (a fun part of the tea party tradition)

We had so much fun!! We enjoyed the time to be together and make memories. Thank you Mom and Dad. Our time with you is precious - we are so very blessed to have such Godly parents and grandparents.


Cinnamon said...

It looks like you had a great time. That sky is beautiful! What a lovely family you have. The van in the photo (the card photo) looks like a van we use to have. It was an 8 seater I think but it had automatic locks which I miss. I'm so glad we're in a 15 passenger now, plenty of room for growth :-)

I'm glad your Thanksgiving was so nice~

Theresa said...

Thanks for letting us join you vicariously! It looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you had some special time with your Mom!