Monday, December 15, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We have a broken computer at our home :0(. So right now I can't post pictures. I'm using my hubby's work laptop to check in and say Hi. Well, after a slow start all thing weather lined up correctly and we have snow on the ground. It hasn't got above 25 degrees here today!! For us in this northern but very mild climate - this is very unusual. And the weathermen are saying lots more snow and cold going on for sometime. Looks like it could be a white Christmas!! That hasn't happened since my oldest was a baby 18 years ago!!! Everyone is hoping. The only thing that is a bit worrisome to me is that my oldest boy drives for his job. I know people around the country laugh at those of us in the Pacific Northwest for our bad snow driving but there is a reason. First - snow doesn't happen all that often here and second our roads are very similar to San Fransisco - in other words - very steep hills and lots of curvy roads. We also don't have nearly as much snow removal equipment in our towns and cities. So, all that to say, I'm excited about this crazy weather but hoping my boy doesn't experience a mishap while driving in this snow and ice!! God is hearing plenty of prayers for his safety!!

Another prayer from me is that we all have colds - again!! I'm on the mend - I always am determined if I do get a bug to never have it for very long :0) I'm just hoping Esther doesn't come down with it. Her ears looked great at the doctor' office last week but I just don't want her to have another ear infection!! If she shows any sign of sniffles I will be trying the garlic oil hoping that will do the trick!! My pediatrictian said that it certainly is worth a try - I really like him because he is reluctant to overdo the antibiotics so if there is another way that might work and won't hurt the child he is willing to give it a shot. He also knows I'm very experienced at ear infections (having had 5 kids with chronic ear trouble) so I know just the right moment to get the big guns going!

I wish I could put up some pictures - I hope just words isn't boring!! Hopefully we can figure out whats wrong with that silly machine!! I must go put dinner in the oven - some days writing is just more fun than my regular routine. I just want to keep sitting by the window all day looking at that pretty snow!!!



Simply Stork said...

a total bummer about your computer...I'll bet you have lots of snow pics to share, like me! I will be posting about them tomorrow :o)

we got quite a bit...and it does not look like it's going any where fast...we will see if we make it to school on thursday and friday...:o(

hope you are all on the mend...I will pray for your little Esther. And the rest of you too.


Cinnamon said...

Isn't snow fun~ I remember when we lived in Northern California (Redding) and it snowed. Well the whole town nearly shut down and people were driving sooo slow. It's funny to look back and remember. Well at the time we had a neighbor from Minnesota who was walking around in a T-shirt (we were all bundled up in snow outfits making snow men) He just laughed at us, saying 'this is nothing!'. Well now we know what he meant :-)

Hope you're all feeling better soon~ Cinnamon

Ross' Cottage said...

Ok I now have you back in favorites again! What a month plus of computer problems..the Ross motto if it can happen to us it will! I am enjoying the beauty of the snow! If we get snowed and have to miss Thursday at school I will meet you guys somewhere before Christmas and let Ruth take her gifts she has made in class. She can even come and finish her one painting project if she wants too. Hope your family is feeling well..we have been passing around a cold and coughing at the Ross house!