Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm a day late doing this - but since I really like how this focuses my brain I didn't want to skip it. Blessings to everyone today!!

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Outside my window..Shiny, silvery rain drops hanging on the bare branches of my maple tree

I am thinking...about how to best be a helpmeet for my husband

I am thankful for... my wonderful family, I am richly blessed

From the learning rooms...continuing our units on mountains and England, math and writing

From the kitchen...today it's chicken and dumplings - going to start stewing the chicken when I'm done with this

I am wearing...Denim skirt, pink and grey shirt, slippers

I am creating...still working on the embroidery part of my Christmas gifts

I am going...to the craft store this evening (I hope) to pick up supplies for the gift I thought of to make my husband. Also to pick up the things I need to finish making some of the kids gifts. They also have great stocking stuffers there!!!

I am reading...John Adams.

I am hoping...That handmade gifts this year will be meaningful and also be a positive impact on the budget. I am also hoping to get a few decorations up this week.

I am hearing...quiet voices of the kids - they are busy creating something in their room.

Around the house...Just basic tidying. I would really like to get the windows and curtains washed before the Christmas tree is put up. That job was supposed to be done before baby arrived but since she surprised us with her early appearance we are trying to get it done now :0)!!

One of my favorite things...quiet mornings when everyone is cheerfully doing their tasks - like today:0)!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Write down all the kids clothes sizes - Grandpa is taking me shopping for them on Saturday - He likes me to pick out clothes for them. Get lots more work done on my gifts. Make a few lists so I can relax and be organized - I'm a list girl - I function so much better if I put my brain down on paper:0)

Here is picture thought I am sharing... what the kids are praying for every night when they go to bed!!!

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Cinnamon said...

Your a list gal? I'm a total list gal. I love lists. They just seem to make everything flow so much smoother don't they?

Your kids could come play over with my kids. We are due to have 3 inches of snow tomorrow then more on Saturday. We'll put the hot cocoa on and some yummy tea just for you~


momoflots said...

Oh Cinnamon,
I'd LOVE to come over and play and drink tea with you!! I think there would be a playmate for every child! My kids would be in heaven with snow so early in the year!!
Have a great evening!

Cinnamon said...

Chamomille Tea - If you try it get the real stuff. The real dried flowers instead of the box tea. I cannot stand the box tea but the real stuff is delicious. And I've been drinking it for the past 3 days/nights and Granton is sleeping so much better, even during the day he falls asleep much easier. Plus I'm wondering if it has some "cleaning out" qualities to it because Grantons has been pooping regularly for the past 3 days. Something he's not done since birth. I'll have to research it. Anyway, if you don't have access to real chamomille let me know and I'll send you some cause we have an amish store nearby and they sell so incredibly cheap.

Hope you're having a wonderful day~


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

The picture of the snow is just beautiful! Since moving to Florida, I've missed that so much, though I do NOT miss the cold!!!!!
So glad I found your daybook today! It was a joy to get to know you a little bit through this!