Thursday, December 4, 2008


I love this time of year. I love getting out our decorations and setting them up and listening to the children remember the past times these pretties were up in our home.

I have often wrestled with how much to celebrate and worried that the focus might be off. Long ago my husband and I made the commitment to keep Christmas Christ centered and as a result we do not do Santa.

And as strange as it sounds reading scripture has given me peace and permission to celebrate. In the Old Testament feast after feast (often many days long) was ordered by God - even one where His people were told to create huts and camp for a week. I cannot help but think that God knew how much camping out in leafy huts for a week would delight the children! :0)!! So I am reveling in the delight of my children learning through wonderful, joyous celebration the occasion of our blessed Savior's birth!! I believe God delights in Joy and He knows our tendency to not be joyous that is why he commanded feasts in the Old Testament. He also knows of our tendency to forget and that is why he created times of tradition - so we would remember those moments so crucial to our faith - and what better way to remember than by an extended feast!! I love it!!!! (P.S. I'm not saying God has commanded Christmas - just saying I think God probably enjoys His people's joy and celebration surrounding His Son's birthday - after all He invented feasts!!)

Our Advent Calender - the kids get so excited their shaky hand can hardly hang the figures on the little hooks. Every day we tell another part of the events surrounding Jesus' birth
This was my first Christmas decoration as a married woman - it's my very favorite (it sings Silent Night - one child a night gets to wind it up and we all listen.)
My snowman collection (sorry, not the best picture). I love snowmen - and since snow only happens a few times each winter I create my own snowy scene in the winter. :0)

My front doorman ;0)
I have not put out all my decorations yet - there are a few more very precious decorations I will share. My children are waiting breathlessly for the next ones to come out of their tissue wrapping and be set up.
-Christmas Blessings


Cinnamon said...

I love your advent calendar. Very cute~

How's Esther doing with her sleep? I've been praying for both of you in the evenings when I'm nursing Granton. Such a sweet time to be a Mama~


Theresa said...

Pretty Advent calendar. I want to make a quilted one and/or Jesse tree for next year. Even though we choose not to do a tree etc, we do celebrate his birth and make fun things for the children because I think you're right, He isn't a grumpy old man, He rejoices and delights in His children!