Thursday, July 2, 2009

Inside Vs. Outside

Who cares that the dishes aren't done, the beds aren't made and the laundry is stacking up -

Outside the garden is growing:

The kids are playing:

I'm drinking iced coffee and crocheting a little summer into the new wash cloths I'm making for the fall.

This is summer - and the outdoors wins!!!


trickysticks said...

I want my garden to look like that! And yes, agreed, outdoors wins, hands down! Hope the doctor's visit went well today for hubby.

Simply Stork said...

ya don't rub it in (he he)

I too love your garden- but I know how much time you spend outside in it...outdoors wins with my family too(I'm learning to cope :o)

you and tricky must come and play!


Susan said...

Sounds wonderful :0)
A perfect summer day!

And your garden is awesome! Some day I'm gonna have a garden...

Hoping your hubby is feeling a little better...Such a bummer :/
Will he need surgery?

Simply Stork said...

the site that makes me smile...(other than yours of course :o)


Tricia said...

I totally agree. Outside is where "its" happening. Have a great 4th.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Your yard and summer look and sound like mine!
We should get together....I know we are in the same State but not sure how far apart we are!

Swing set,blue pool,growing garden,
iced coffee.....thats what I'm talking about! You can show me how to knit then I'll be set!

Georgiann in WA