Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting my Monday Brain in Order

FOR TODAY July 6, 2009...

Outside my window...Dark clouds and a stiff wind, cooling down after a very hot weekend - feels good to us in the Pacific Northwest who get hot when it's over 75* :0)

I am brains are a bit scrambled this morning - that's why I'm doing this :0)

I am thankful...that my husband does not need surgery on his hand!! It's still very sore and swollen - he's having a hard time not using his hand (I think the doctor should have casted his hand - he was in a huge hurry when he saw Wayne)

From the learning rooms...reading

From the kitchen...making a batch of refried beans - also lots of salad - my lettuce is producing like crazy in my garden

I'm wearing...a ruffled skirt, tee shirt, flip flops

I am creating...crocheting bright, clean wash cloths for the year - easy, non-thinking handwork while I'm watching kiddies play in the pool

I am the church softball game tonight - the kids love to cheer on their brother and daddy - although Daddy will be not be swinging a bat tonight - he'll be first base coach.

I am reading...a book by Eugina Price - one of my favorite authors - she writes Christian history novels about real people and places - her books are very accurate and very interesting. The one I am reading right now is about St. Simon's Island

I am hoping...The swelling goes down in Wayne's hand soon. The doctor was so grumpy and in such a rush when he saw Wayne last week - he just sent Wayne on his way with only a band aid and instructions to not use his hand! How does a father of 8 who works two jobs not use his right hand? The nurses he works with at the hospital gave him a splint (they were really surprised at the "treatment plan")

I am hearing...Esther's music box, the wind in the trees and kids playing.

Around the house...tidy up, laundry and if it doesn't rain - watering

One of my favorite things...the smell of rain!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A trip to the park, get ready for daughter's birthday
A picture I am sharing... Hot, tired and ready for a nap (and so stinkin' cute - I could kiss her all day!!!)
My brains feel more organized already - time to get to work!!!!


Cinnamon said...

What an adorable picture of Esther. She does have a kissable face doesn't she? :-)

That's sooo good about Wayne's hand! I bet he is thrilled too.

What are you planning for Esther's 1st Birthday? We're up in the air. You should hear some of the ideas those silly boys come up with. And the girls, well their ideas are sooo.......girlie :-) hee hee


BECKY said...

Praying that God will heal hubby's hand, gal!! Maybe it would help to wrap it yourself? IDK, but God does.

Eugenia wrote a book about St. Simons? What's the title? I LOVE it there, and can only imagine what life used to be like there. It's such a lovely island. There are traces here and there of the past, but not much.

This picture is just precious!! Pool pics are some of my faves!!

Have a delightful week, and know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!

Simply Stork said...

awww just look at her- so cute!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer fun! As soon as zana returns from camp I will be in your area again...I would love to stop by for a visit soon :o)

and yes, I am inviting myself over :o) hehe, at least meet up with us someplace?... I will be calling soon! now if only the weather would cooperate!