Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cleaning and Purging

I haven't blogged much this week. My summer to-do list was needing some attention. I try to keep my house tidy (although I know I'm not the best housekeeper in the world :0)!! ) but there are some places in my house that get pretty much no attention (unless I'm throwing something in and slamming the door). One of those places is my closet, I'm ashamed to say. Mom - if you are reading this - please don't look at the next picture - Dad might have to perform CPR!! I was never allowed to keep my closet like this when was young :0) - just so everyone knows I was raised better than this :0)!!!

Pretty terrible huh?
Well - I worked and worked and purged and purged until my closet now looks like this:

Much better!! I would like to do something to make my closet pretty someday - but that involves things like money (for cute containers) or time (to put pretty contact paper on boxes) - both luxuries I don't have with babies and toddlers and tweens and teens all needing me :0). So I'll have to be contented with the good feeling a tidy closet gives me!!!
On a completely unrelated note - someone got a very first pigtail this week:

Isn't she cute?!!!


Cinnamon said...

Completely adorable :-)

p.s nice huge closet!

Simply Stork said...

wo ho!!! you did it :o) good for you :o)


BECKY said...

Hey...there is a lot to be said for tidy and organized!!! IT LOOKS GREAT!! I just did mine a few weeks ago, and stilll have some things to shuffle around and find a new place for. I'm not doing pretty boxes, but I do want to paint! I want to paint my laundry room a pretty color and accessorize it, too, since it will just make the task more pleasant!

My hats off to you girl!! You could run circles around me!!

Oh!! And the piggy...priceless!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Love and hugs,

Amy said...

Great job on the closet!

Love the little piggie:)

trickysticks said...

A big thumbs up to you!