Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden Joy

Warning: This post is for people like me who love the feel of dirt under their fingers, who first thing in the morning go outside to see what's going on in their little plot of soil and who dream about fresh picked tomatoes. If you don't think the smell of compost is like perfume you may find this boring :0).

Time for a garden update (this blog also serves as my garden journal :0)!)
My garden is doing so well this year - I'm not having too much bug trouble and the weather is cooperating (unlike last year - it was so cool and damp)

Lettuce is lovely - although it's almost done and I didn't plant new starts soon enough so I probably will not have lettuce when my cukes and tomatoes are ready - Oh well, if the starts I did plant get going I may have lettuce even after our local fruit stand closes in the Fall.
Potatoes going great guns - I'm tempted to dig under there and find some new potatoes but I'm trying to wait a bit longer for when the peas are ready.
Marigolds, carrots and tiny green onions all are happy - the onions are going slow but since I've never done them before I have nothing to compare to - I'm going to start another row this week and as much as I hate doing it I must thin the carrots - maybe there will be some tiny ones to put in a salad.
Basil, swiss chard and cukes. I've already harvested a bunch of basil, the chard is growing lots everyday and the cukes are starting to bloom.

Bush beans - the baby fillets are starting to set fruit - the green bush, yellow wax and purple beans as well as the romano's are all starting to bloom.
Hubby helped me get my bean teepee up - bless him!! They are happy to be climbing up!! Peas - both sugar snap and snow are blooming (and all leaning to the left for some reason - in this home if they are going to lean I would prefer it to be to the right :0)!!)

Winter squash and pumpkins are starting to stretch out and the zucchini's are blooming.

Tomatoes are coming along - blooming - they aren't getting as much sun as I had hoped here but they're doing alright.

This is one reason I love getting my hands in the garden - doesn't it make you happy just looking at these marigolds?!!!


Amy said...

I'm not one of those persons that you talked about in your warning but I do love to see a beautiful garden. We love to have one but it was not the right time for us this year with all that has been going.

Your garden looks beautiful and delightful. I feel like I could just reach right in the pictures and pick some produce:)

Cinnamon said...

What a great job you've done. Maybe if we get to come to WA for our son's wedding I can see it in person ;-)


Kimberly said...

Hi Christine~

The scripture i referenced was Isaiah 43:1 , i love this verse, i hope you find comfort in it too.


Simply Stork said...

I was enjoying your garden the other day- (well trying not to covet is more like it)

so many beautiful plants...just wonderful!

I wanted to let you know I launched a new site yesterday. Pop on over when you get a chance-I would love to hear what you think about it :o)