Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baking Class

Just as I believe there are lots of lessons to be learned in the garden I feel the same about the kitchen. So I started a "Baking Class" with my kids. It's a hit!!! They love it and so do I - although with all the taste testing my diet has been derailed :0)!!

Today was muffins:
Learning to read recipes
Jacob and Abbie shared a mixing bowl and the two bigger kids each got to do their own batch.

Learning to follow directions:
Careful concentration

Oven safety
Taste testing mmm good!!!

And of course every good cook cleans up when they are done (unless you are the Mom of eight - then you make your kids do it :0)!!!)

We all had lots of fun - everyone was cheerful even about the cleaning up. I don't think people will eat much dinner because everyone had to taste each others creations :0). I highly recommend getting in the kitchen with the kids - the mess is so worth it!!!


Cinnamon said...

I want a muffin :-) Those looked yummy~


BECKY said...

This is really cool, and so inspiring that you do it whith eight!! I need to get Maddy in there with me more. I'm good about it at the holidays but not so much during the year.

I would love to read those Eugenia Price books. You are too sweet to offer. I will see if I can locate some and if not, I would feel privileged to be able to borrow them! Thank you so much! That just really blesses me!!

There are a few local spots where you can really get a sense of old Florida. I love them, and visit them way too seldom. When I do, I'll be sure and snap some pics for you. The sunset on the lake in my last post is on Lake Woodruff in Deland, and it is mostly untouched and so beautiful and serene. We took an airboat ride all around it recently. I really need to do a post about it!

Blessings to you, sweet friend and inspiration!

Have a joyful Friday!
Hugs and love,

Simply Stork said...

what fun! It sure does looks like a hit- There just isn't anything like watching the siblings work together.


~ps love the chalkboard :o) looks great!

Kimberly said...

yum! we have been trying new muffin recipes from hillbilly housewife. i like it when nicole bakes them and i eat them....