Monday, July 20, 2009

In a Few Days...

In just a few days I will be starting and adventure that takes me very far outside of my comfort zone. I will be accompanying our church youth group on a missions trip to (of all places) Hawaii!!!

Now I know some may ask why going to Hawaii would be out of my comfort zone and the answer would be that I am a very inexperienced traveler - let alone traveling with a baby and leaving half my family at home!!! Also, this missions trip is one mainly about sharing our faith not building a church (which is the kind of trip I went on as a teen about a thousand years ago!!)

I know I am supposed to be going though - God opened many doors and made it possible when it seemed unlikely. My husband has done many, many trips with our boys with Scouts and church (he and the boys went to Nicaragua and couple of years ago). This time he felt that I should be the one to go - that I need to be a part of the boy's experiences and he needed to be the one to stay home with the littles. Plus this is the perfect trip to take a baby - good water, nothing like malaria etc. So here goes - off on an airplane (only my second time) to an island to share Jesus with others - an adventure to be sure!!!

I suppose another question people may ask is why Hawaii? The answer is simple - Hawaii is one of the least evangelized states in the country. People rarely go there to serve - they go to be served - to vacation and forget their everyday life. So while it is beautiful and exotic - it is a place with much need.

We will be working with a small Baptist church in the community of Anahola, Kauai. It is to me, very exciting to work with this church - our Free Methodist church going over to work with the Baptist church - we have the same desire to see the youth of this community know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are hoping to help the church get more interest in the youth outreach and the children's ministries the church provides - kind of a jump start. The church is very tiny so we are helping with providing the resources and man power to do a Vacation Bible School and several fun older youth activities.

We leave on Friday - hearts and flip flops ready for whatever God brings. The rest of this week is going to be a whirlwind of activity getting the last details ready. I covet prayer surrounding this adventure!!!!


Simply Stork said...

I know your gonna have a great time :o)

I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures :o)


Cinnamon said...

You are going to be such a light (Mttw 5:16). I have been praying for Esther to do super on the plane, that's a looong plane ride. She'll win the hearts of everyone :-)