Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby's New Entertainment Center!!

What do you do with a fussy baby during dinner making hour? Why, open the dishwasher, of course!!!

I'm just like my big brother on the drums!!
Louder now!!
Mommy's helper - unloading this thing
OO! Who's that cute baby in the mirror?
Look at me, Daddy!!Awww, all the spoons are gone!!!
Why buy toys when the best entertainment is behind the dishwasher door? (I only hope she enjoys unloading the dishwasher as much a few years from now!!!)


Tricia said...

Adorable. She is too cute. Funny thing is though. Is our dishwasher even keeps my 3 year old busy. Today she was unloading it. Which could be a good thing only the dishes were dirty!!

Cinnamon said...

Granton wants to come play :-)

~Cinnamon and Granton

Kimberly said...

Alexandra loves the post, she says cute baby back. I have a dishwaser too, we call her Ashley.