Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day after Tomorrow

Just a quick post:

We are leaving for our missions trip day after tomorrow. Our team had a meeting this evening where we had final assignments given, rules of conduct reinforced and schedules discussed. It was a good meeting and all the teens seemed receptive and excited. There are 16 people going (including the littlest missionary - Esther).

My role will be Mom to all - a job that will be a natural fit, for sure :0)!! I was asked to do a specific job that made me laugh inside - I've been asked to be in charge of... wait for it.... wait for it...the LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!! Even on a missions trip halfway around the world (Ahem well, maybe not quite that far). I did say I would go with an attitude of service - so there you go - I got a job I know how to do!!!!

A really cool bonus on this trip is that the girls get the use of a beach house for all our needs!!! It's going to be great for all the obvious reasons - BEACH HOUSE - but in reality this is a big answer to prayer as I will be able to meet Esther's needs (nighttime nursings etc.) much easier and with more privacy.

So, off to more packing and repacking. I'm still craving your prayers covering this event.


Amy said...

Beautiful blue flowers. Hope you have a great time on the mission trip and that you see the Lord's hands through it all.

Simply Stork said...

laundry is my lot in life...sounds like you have the same "lot"

enjoy your least you can say you have done laundry form "here to there"

you let us know if it is the same in hawaii..I'm willing to bet you it's a"lot" more fun to do there :o)


Gunnar said...

Be praying for you and Esther~ Cinnamon