Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Learning to be Lefthanded

Wayne and Daniel have been playing softball this summer with the church team - a bunch of guys who have more fun than wins out on the field. This season seems to be plagued by injuries for my hubby - a torn thigh muscle that turned beautiful shades of green, a badly jammed finger etc. He has continued to play - limping around the bases if necessary. But last night's owie was his season ender :0(

After fielding a ball barehanded he noticed a lot of blood and discovered a nasty gash on his finger - yuck. He bandaged it and continued to play having two more at-bats and getting good line drives with both. After the game we decided he should head to the ER to get a few stitches.

After many hours there he finally returned home at about 1:00 am with a heavily bandaged hand and a referral to a hand surgeon. It seems he also broke three bones in two of his fingers!! He'll have to learn to be a leftie for a while. He sees the surgeon later this week.
So for the rest of the season we'll be cheering on Dan with Daddy on the sidelines. Poor sweetie!!!


BECKY said...

Oh No!! What a bummer for your hubby! That is not going to be easy for him. You can be sure I will be praying for quick healing for him!

Hope the rest of your week is injury free, my friend!

Simply Stork said...

oh my!!! now that is a TOTAL bummer!!!


I will keep him in my prayers too I know how busy his summer is going to be :o-


Fruitful Harvest said...

I will pray for healing~