Monday, June 15, 2009

Irish Dance

Ruthie did so well in her dance recital!! I am constantly amazed by her!! It is such joy to watch our children do what they love!! Here's a couple of video clips of a few of the sets the girls did (Remember to turn off the music at the bottom of my page - the music they dance to is so beautiful!!)

The music man put on the wrong music for this next dance and all the girls danced like champs in spite of the confusion - I would never have been so poised!! Ruthie also let me know after it was all over that her ghillies are too small and her toes hurt a bunch the entire dance (I checked and indeed her feet grew far more than I realized this year - off to find bigger ghillies!!)

Relaxing with best friends after it's all over. They all did so well and needless to say I'm so proud of them all!!!


Simply Stork said...

LOVE the video :o) you just got to love that new camera :o)

boy the girls all look so cute in the last shot...ahhhh to have good friends to share in the fun! :o)


Tricia said...

Very nice. I love Irish. But not probably as much as my girls.

Kimberly said...

alexandra loved the dancing, she also looks at the ducklings and Esther-in-the basket everyday. She climbs up to the computer presses a key and says baby....i know just who she wants to see. have a great week .

Apple Girl said...

hi mom just wanted to say hi hee hee