Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby News!!!

We have news!!! Baby news!!! No, not me. Remember our new neighbors?

Well, they made their home nearby and the other day they came visiting our next door neighbor's pond - with 11 new babies!!! Of course I had to sneak into their backyard with my camera and take a few pictures:

Aren't they just so sweet?!!! Almost as cute as my own kids - almost but not quite!!

Tomorrow I will share a picture of the acrobatic slug that lives in my backyard!!


Tricia said...

Oh, they're so precious. I would love for my backyard to be home to these. My kids would love it. We have a neighbor who has a peacock and my kids love watching it spread out it's colorful feathers.

Simply Stork said...

so cute!


Cinnamon said...

Oh you got me! I thought "woooo-hoooo!!' an new baby! But those duckies are cute~


Kimberly said...

Alexandra loves the ducks(chickens) she is quite insistent,however that they are baby chicks. Silly Mommy,have fun.

Fruitful Harvest said...

I love it!
Thats Awesome!
What a special treat....congrats on your babies!