Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We are rock hounds at our house. We collect them everywhere - from the beach, rivers and even walks down the street. We keep them in many places in our home - in boxes under collectors beds, in jars in the cupboard (I don't really know why :0)! ) on windowsills and jacket pockets. Some are shined up and others are left natural (some are even decorated with paint. Some are put in the garden and some live in the house. All are considered beautiful by the person who picked it up.

A pile of little rocks on one of my windowsills:

A big beautiful rock on another windowsill (this one given to us by another rock hound friend who has the ability to climb cliffs in our nearby mountains and bring these down) My homemade yard art created with more rocks:
Last evening I was tidying up the house and the big rock on the windowsill caught my attention because the lights were reflecting so prettily off the crystals. I thought how if no one had ever climbed that cliff, grabbed that rock and broken it open to see what was inside - no one would ever see that beauty or even know it existed. No one except God that is. How many more rocks are out there filled with beautiful crystals or gorgeous colors that no one will ever see. Yet God created them. Why? For His own Glory - of course!!! The Bible says: Even the rocks will praise His name - and they sure do!!! A very good reason to be a rock hound!!!


Simply Stork said...

we love rocks time my mother in law came across some rockes stacked up on the beach...she sat and did the same-just then a news crew came and interviewed her...the rocks were stacked up the same way for miles...she said it was quite exciting :o)


Cinnamon said...

I love your rock art :-)


Kimberly said...

Kyle was my rock collector, he has brought me rocks from everywhere, even our driveway on his walk up from the bus. He particularly liked shiny polished rocks. He is now 19, and he hasn't brought any home in a while.