Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Morning

FOR TODAY June 1, 2009...

Outside my window...Sunshine on my maple tree leaves, blue sky, the tiniest of breezes

I am thinking...about my week - trying to plan so it won't be too crazy. With more end of school year activities we are on the go lots right now.

I am thankful many things. Little things like a crochet hook and fine alpaca wool - big things like a home to clean and a husband who works hard!!

From the learning rooms...wrapping it up for the summer - just a few more small things to finish - I'm so glad, we all need a break!!!

From the kitchen...Not really sure - going to work on my menus next - I noticed I've switched to warm weather cooking lately. Yum!!!

I'm wearing...a summer skirt, coral colored T-shirt and sandals

I am creating...a mobeius style wrap with some beautiful laceweight alpaca - I'm also starting a project - using chalkboard paint right on my kitchen wall and framing it. It should be a cute way to put up my daily schedule. (If anyone has any great tips - let me know - I've never done anything like this before :0)

I am the fruit stand, fertilize my flower pots and vegetable garden, the hardware store to get my chalkboard making supplies

I am reading...I have a bunch of books to read - our church decided to use the church library for a Sunday School room and gave away the books to anyone who would like them - so - I grabbed a bunch - but I've been so busy I fall asleep before I get two sentences read (I think I've been reading the same two sentences for about a week :0)

I am hoping...I figure out how to use my new camera soon. It's a bit more complicated than my old one. I can't quite figure out how to get the pictures out of the camera into the computer. Hubby will show me soon (he out of town for work right now)

I am hearing...birds singing, kids talking in the living room - it's pretty quiet for the moment

Around the house...Tidy up, hang laundry outside, plan those meals, a bit of weeding (hopefully)

One of my favorite things...Walking around my yard first thing in the morning - seeing what happened in the garden since yesterday (although finding baby plants chomped by a slug isn't fun to find - but it is part of the adventure!!!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wednesday evening - Kids club BBQ at church (last Wednesday church for the summer), Thursday evening - Choir concert rehearsal, Friday evening - choir concert. All fun stuff but I will be glad when this is done!!!

Here is a picture I'm sharing: This baby girl has finally grown TWO teeth - yahoo Esther!!

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Jerralea said...

I enjoyed your daybook. I know how it is to be so tired you keep reading the same two sentences over and over!

Loved the picture of Esther. She's a cutie!

Choate Family said...

Can't wait to see the results of your chalkboard project!

Simply Stork said...

yippeeeeee...teeth at last :o)

enjoy the sunshine today :o)


(ps...did you get the pics?)

Kimberly said...

I love reading the daybook, someday i might even do it. I am so with you on reading the same thing over and over. I started "At Bertrams Hotel" a week ago, and until today, hadn't made it past page 3...

I hope your paint project turns out well, i want to paint my pantry door with chalkboard paint, and trim it out in red...I hope to post my menus' and chore lists more prominently that way no one can say, but i didn't see it!!!!
Have a great week, and enjoy the warm weather, your garden, and your babies..

trickysticks said...

Remember to put "Before Green Gables" on your reading list. It's a wonderful read.
Yay for gardens doing their thing!

Kimberly said...

Lets both hope for a low-key summer, and more than 5 minutes notice to feed an army of teenagers. What a small world, the church i listen to on-line is so close to you..We had 3 extra teen-age boys tonight,summer is definitely here..except the weather. Tonight was free root-beer float night at sonic, and we had 3 car loads of teen-agers here as they headed to Sonic...too bad they didn't offer free burgers & fries, we might have got out of cooking!!!!
have a great week~kimberly