Saturday, June 6, 2009

Choir Concert

The very best way to spend a Friday night...

Watching the kids Choir Concert and busting with pride at the cuties that are ours!!!!

Abbie singing her heart out:
Sam doing his recitation:
Ruthie hitting the high note - right on key!!!
Take me Out To the Ball Game with the Bell Choir
Bell Choir during rehearsal:
Rehearsing one more time:
Bragging isn't always an appealing trait in a person but I just can't help it - my kids are just stinkin' cute!!! And they make me cry - on a Friday night during the Choir Concert!! What amazing people God allowed me to mother!!!
Oh Lord, when I look at them I am overwhelmed at the blessing of being their mother - what a wondrous gift!!!! Please give me to wisdom and strength to do this job the very best that I can for Your Glory!!


Kimberly said...

Congratulations on a wonderful night with your family. I am sure you made many happy memories. I don't think it's technically bragging when you are overflowing with love and pride in your little gifts. I didn't see one sentence that said, oh yeah, well my children can ring the bells backwards, and upside down!!!

Simply Stork said...

and just look at those photos...nice a bright :o)

they look like they were enjoying themselves :o)

I posted a mini movie of my weekend for you to see :o)

stop on in when you get a chance :o)