Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Granola - Family Style

We made granola today - everyone helped. Here's how you do it:

Put in oats:
Add sesame seeds, almonds, oat bran and whatever else healthy you want:

Check and make sure it's all in the bowl:
Then stir:
Stir some more:
Add cinnamon, cardamom, a dash of vanilla, honey, and a bit of oil
Taste and stir (a bit of noisy rhythm helps the stirring)
Pat into cookie sheets:
Pat some more:
Bake for a long time in a moderate oven until golden brown:
Store in a special granola container:
This makes yummy breakfasts and snacks and is delicious on homemade yogurt. It can be very economical to make if one does not forget that the broiler has been on high for some time making nachos for lunch and one puts the first batch in a very hot oven and it comes out just a few minutes later when something does not smell right, a very dark brown color (almost black)! Hence the half full jar. Sigh!!

This was not my only mishap in the kitchen today - the other one will remain a mystery (I don't really want to talk about it - okay - it involved messing up a recipe beyond fixing, throwing it away and starting over :0(! ) Sigh, again. Some days I should really stay out of the kitchen but then who would feed the clamoring hordes? At least breakfast is ready for tomorrow :0)!!!


trickysticks said...

Oh no! The Dreaded Broiler Mistake! So good to know I am not alone....So sorry there is less granola to enjoy. I made mine yesterday too! Must have been the day. This morning it's homemade bread. Have a good day.=)

Simply Stork said...

I have a newer oven and when we have a broiler mistake our knobs melt off???? it happends to the best of us :o)


(I made bread and cinnimon rolls yesterday...it's all gone today?)

Fruitful Harvest said...

The broiler gets me too!...almost every time!
I hate when I have to waste food because of a mishap...

Yesterday I found a bag of groceries on my hutch that did not get put away(from 2days before)...can goods and a bag of once frozen bonless skinless chicken breast ($9.00).

I feel your pain sister! EEKKK!

God knows we are not trying to be wasteful!


Tereza said...

I enjoy making granola to last a while:) Cute helpers:)

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
I have been wanting to make granola all school year long! I have 5 gallons of honey just waiting for me to cook with it. Maybe I can try a sample of yours at school this week? I want to get to making some granola and yogurt for snacks here at the Ross household. It is late and I will be paying for it at school tomorrow!
See you there!...Rossee