Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Quirky (or Quacky) Neighbors and other Sunny Day Stuff

We ended up with one more beautiful, warm sunny day this week before our usual clouds rolled in (for those outside the PNW that may not understand my delight with sunshine - we average only about 52 sunny days a year here!!!) Anyway, we all relish these sunny, warm days. School was done quickly so we could go out and play.

Our quacky neighbors came for another visit and ended up spending most of the day. The kids thought they would be happy if we gave them a "pond" and to my surprise they went for it (I think these ducks fall into the "not so wild - wild animal animal" catagory):

I even got some time to dig with the new shovel my sweetie got for me

I did get some help from our new friends - and they really were a help scoping out all the nasty bugs and getting rid of them duck fashion (dinner anyone?)
Climbing a brother is great fun:
Even cool dudes like to play on the teeter totter sometimes:
Spring projects are in full swing:
And of course more duck watching:
Our clouds are back for a time (there was ice coming out of the sky today!!), but we sure enjoyed the sun!! It will be back - in the meantime these pictures will do!!!


Kimberly said...

I absolutely love the ducks, I want some, but we haven't had any success keeping them. I tried to answer your questions on my comment page, hope it clears some things up. Tiff posted some prom pictures, and some from our anniversary. I want her to upload some from our wedding, and theirs. The wedding party was quite large, all the children except Christian were in the wedding, I was 4 months pregnant at the time, probably because i had made the comment, i didn't want to be the pregnant mother of the groom, and God has a tremendous sense of humor!!!!!

BECKY said...

What a delightful post!! I'm so glad you got some sun! I have a friend who moved here from the PNW and still thinks she wants to move back...but once you get a taste of all this Florida's hard going back. Many people move back to where they came from, but probably about 2/3 of them come back to Florida eventually!!

Love your duckies, and the kids look like they had a ball!!

Blessings and joy,

Simply Stork said...

oh my!!! that last shot must be the one you were talking about at school on friday....soooo cute :o)