Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twenty One Years!!

Twenty One years ago - April 16, 1988 - my sweet hubby and I tied the knot, said "I Do" and entered into a marriage covenant. This huge step was not just between the two of us - God was deeply involved. In fact, this marriage doesn't just include God but was and is wholly orchestrated by God. We know this full well and give Him all the glory for our wonderful life together.

Times haven't always been easy - we have experienced our times of financial distress, difficulty getting along, health worries etc. but along the way we have been blessed beyond measure!!!

I am so thankful for what we have together and my prayer is that we will be able to be a testimony to the covenant that God put in place for marriage - that on our 60th Anniversary we will be an inspiration to others about how great a God-filled marriage can be.

What a amazing, wonder-filled day that was!!! My heart still does flips when I look at these pictures!!!

Here we are today - cradling our 8th blessing from heaven:

Surrounded - blessed more than words can say!!!

On that day I was really still just a girl - madly in love - not really understanding what it really all meant. Today I'm no longer a girl - but still madly in love - knowing what I now know - I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! On that day I loved my Prince but I had no idea how that love would grow - today there is no describing what I feel for him - he is truly part of my being!!
I love you, honey!!! Thank you for 21 wonderful years!! There are no words to tell you how happy you have made me - my heart is full to overflowing!!!


Cinnamon said...

Beautiful testimony of a beautiful family and marriage~


trickysticks said...

So sweet! He'd better read this!

Amy said...

What a sweet tribute to your man. I LOVE hearing about happily-married couples (especially when you give God the glory)!

As for pens/pencils, yes, just where do they all go? And then where do they all come from? I don't know either...

Susan said...

Very sweet...Loved this post...Happy Anniversary!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations, I love the wedding pictures, I am trying to get one of the kids to put ours up, along with the pictures they took this week.
Gods' Blessings on your family, i think it is in the hard times, that God tempers married love, and gives us what we need to keep our vows and love alive. Having the living reminders of love adds such depth, it's not something you can really explain .

Fruitful Harvest said...

Congrats! WOW thats terrific! How old were you when you got married?
You looked young.
When you have God....everything falls into place!

I love the song....thanks for sharing a current family photo!


Simply Stork said...

oh my goodness...I love it!!! Happy Anniversary!