Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Fun

Well, the weekend is nearly over. We enjoyed a rain free, warmer weekend. The hoped for sunshine did not arrive - but still nice weather all the same - for the Pacific Northwest rain free on a weekend is a big deal!!

I didn't make it to the big nursery like I had planned but did get to the store and pick up some pony paks to satisfy my need to play in the dirt:

Hanging baskets all planted:

Little pots by my front door all filled:
Playtime for sisters:

First marshmallow roast of the season:

Mmmm good - so very bad for my diet!! this is food fit for a king (although when I'm doing the roasting instead of manning the camera the marshmallows are a bit less black and more brown and gooey :0)!!!)

Our Sunday was a restful as can be while parenting eight children. We try to keep Sundays that way!! We've found when we keep the Sabbath we head into the new week in a better frame of mind - ready to step out - renewed - to bring God glory in our jobs - Wayne, out in the work world and me at home. I hope your Sunday was the same!!!


Fruitful Harvest said...

Good Morning~
What great fun it looks like you had!
Your porch flower pots lovely!
Thanks for stoppin over to my blog~

Today I have a sick boy at home (I plan to homeschool him next year).
Not sure if I will get to post today?


Simply Stork said...

I am so glad to hear you did get to go get some plants :o)


Cinnamon said...

I love your plants by the door. Such inspiration!

Esther looks like such a little lday~


Susan said...

What a great weekend! It always feels so good to get a little planting done...It's so rewarding!
Hopefully my hubby and I can get to our yard within the next couple of weeks :0)

trickysticks said...

Yay for plants! Got my herb garden weeded out and starting on the huge bed in front of the house. Hopefully I can be successful with that one this year. Will was gone until evening on his work trip, but the girls and I went and got some fabric for their quilts. So when the sun goes away again I'll be sewing.