Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Not the Maid

Contentment. This elusive character quality that God has been having me learn for the last nineteen years has been sorely tested this week. One full week of sickness in the house is one thing, but two - that's a whole different thing. It seems the germs have taken up permanent residence here. A big boy, medium girl and tiny baby are all still fighting the yucks with on again, off again fevers and of course the coughing, runny noses, blah, blah blah. Small boy ended up with an ear infection and Mommy and Daddy are getting very little sleep:

One Sad Baby:

Yesterday was one miserable day. Along with the sickies, it seemed nothing I did could induce the healthy ones to co-operate. Lots of quarreling, temper tantrums and general bad attitudes abounded. We ended up having a family meeting where I reminded them (I tried to keep my voice kind and calm) that we really don't have a maid and that when they could no longer find any clean surface in the house it meant that no one was helping and it's time to change behaviour. I'm hoping it was a good meeting :0)!! On a much happier note my sweet husband knew I'd been having a terrible day and gave my these pretty posies to cheer my heart - which they did:

So contentment hasn't been an easy thing to find in my heart lately. I have complained - in my heart and out loud. But in reality I have nothing to fuss about. While the flu may live here for a time - it's temporary. It's not easy but it is my job as Mom to train my children to be responsible and helpful - it doesn't come automatically - but it will come (someday!). No, I'm not the maid - something much, much better!!!

I am very blessed to have noses to wipe and children to train. I knew a long time ago that contentment was the key to doing this job God gave me. That true joy comes from doing this job - however mundane it seems to the world - to God's glory!! That is what I am striving for. Some days are harder - some weeks are long - but joy comes!!!

So here are two pictures of contentment:

Just chillin'

Enjoying the sunshine and a cookie after church on Sunday


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love the picture of Esther in the chair~ too cute ~

Hope everyone is feeling better soon~


~Susan~ said...

Hope the "sickies" clear up soon!

Love the flowers from your hubby :0) Very Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Those last 2 pictures can help you get through a week of yuckies! I always tell the kids, 'You aren't doing this for ME, you are doing it because you are a person who lives in this house!"

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement lately. I have really appreciated them. Alexandra has been listening to your music, and "talking" to Esther, she and Christian really enjoyed your pictures. Christian told me to put that baby Esta back up, he was cute. Praying your littles recover soon, I understand the stress and exhaustion that accompany any illness.

Simply Stork said...

I was so glad to see you at the home school center today :o) I'm so glad your family is feeling better :o)

have a happy and healthy weekend :o)


Fruitful Harvest said...
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Fruitful Harvest said...

Oh Sweet Momma~
I pray things are better by now and that all your sickie are well...since it is now the day after Easter!
Your pictures are great! I love beby pic...if you couldn't tell from my blog!? LOL Giggle Giggle Sigh.....
The weather was nice here in WA a few weeks ago! What happened?