Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Week

FOR TODAY April 13, 2009...

Outside my window...Grey skies, breezy and kinda gloomy - they are saying snow levels are falling tomorrow again - All together now "We want Spring!!!"

I am thinking...about the great day yesterday - the joy at church, the wonderful time spent with my family - all the kids playing, the grown-ups visiting. Such a marvelous gathering - all sharing in the joy of the Resurrection

I am thankful for...My husband!! We celebrate our 21st Anniversary later this week. God blessed me with an incredible man!!!

From the learning rooms...A bit of a modified week as Papa and Grandma are visiting - we haven't really seen them since Thanksgiving. Lots of snuggling and visiting are in order!!!

From the kitchen...Soup and beans this week - a simple week after the holiday rush in the kitchen

Verse for today..."And the Lord, He it is that doth go before thee: He will be with thee, He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed." Deut. 31:8

I am flower garden in the front of my house. I pulled the whole thing up last fall - it needed a do-over. I'm going to the nursery with all the grown-up girls in my family on Saturday - I can't wait!!! Also, still working on the plans for my veggie garden. I get worried about the time but really, if I plant sooner than May it doesn't work anyway - so I don't need to get worried!

I am going...Just regular running around this week - until Saturday that is - then it's that awesome nursery trip - Flower World here we come!!!

I am reading...The Winds of God by Gilbert Morris and C.S. Lewis' Letters to Children and my Bible

I am hoping...All the sickness leaves our house for good!!! I thought we were done but it appears my big boys have finally succumbed. Shoot - we are entering our third week!! I've had a headache every day since I got this darn bug - I'm better in every other way! Oh well, I has to go away sometime :0)!!

I am hearing...Esther smacking her lips while she nurses - what a sweetie (even if she does keep trying to kick my hand off the computer so I will make googly eyes at her - stinker :0)!!

Around the house...Tidy up - general stuff - get ready to spend the day with Papa and Grandma tomorrow!

One of my favorite things...Hugs from my Daddy!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A nice quiet week - then out with girls on Saturday - can you tell I'm excited about that?!! Maybe the sun will come out while we are at the nursery!!!

Here is a picture I'm sharing: My sweet girls in their Easter finery - aren't they just the prettiest things?!!! My boys really could care less about their Easter clothes - although all five did wear button downs for the day - and cheerfully too. If they would have let me do it - that would have been an epic picture :0)!!!

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Tricia said...

They look beautiful. So springy. Have fun at the nursery. Spring is such a lovely time isn't it?

~Susan~ said...

Happy 21st Anniversary!

The girls look absolutely darling in their Easter dresses :0)

Kimberly said...

The girls look lovely, my baby loves to look at pictures of your baby..The weather here is also unspringlike, i am so sick of being cold. Glad you had a Happy Easter with you family, my 2 big boys were here for a short time, but not for dinner. I am hoping next Sunday will be warm enough to wear their Easter dresses, and i will have Ashley post them. Our 25th anniversary is tomorrow~ congratulations to you and your husband...You have one of my favorite scriptures on your page i am going to see if Ashley can add that to my blog page as i am seriously computer challenged.
best wishes and happy planting

Cinnamon said...

Oh so cute in their dresses~
Any special plans for your special day? 21 yrs, do you wonder where the time went? Happy Anniversary~


is bob said...

thank you for leaving a comment on my blog mom thank you i like my dress too