Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Mend

This week was Spring break at our Homeschool Co-op. Unfortunately for us, all the littles and I spent the week like this:
Which, I guess, if we had to be sick it was a good time since the out doors looked like this all week (the street lights didn't even go off yesterday it was so dark and rainy!!):
But good things went on this week, too! (besides the already mentioned Birthday!!) This sweet little punkin (who's favorite thing to do is taste her toes) said her first word!! Seriously, she did!! She looked at me when Wayne carried her out of the room and said Mama! as clear as can be and then she did it several more times cause she could see how much it made everyone laugh!!! :
One of my kitchen helpers received a new apron from her sweet Blue-eyed Friend and she loves it. She loves to put it on and help out in the kitchen more than ever!!!
My last sickie made it out of bed today and got dressed. She's still pale and shaky but ever so much better!! And while it's still dripping outside and we even woke up to some snow dusting the ground this morning, it's getting brighter out. I hear tell the sun may come out this weekend and we will edge to near normal temps!! Get ready garden weeds - here I come!!!! Things are looking up!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh my little Esther looks adorable. Granton says everything but Mama :-( like baba, dada, ahah.....I think he's teasing me
glad everyone is on the mend~


Tricia said...

We make kefir by the gallons so we use that instead of yogurt. I think I would go broke if I bought yogurt instead of use my kefir. It helps to have tons of raw milk at my disposal too.

dayz in and dayz out... said...

vbI knew that mama would be the first word!


dayz in and dayz out... said...

I don't know where that "vb" came from.


trickysticks said...

Yay for getting better! And the apron is so Abbie:) You should know how it goes with girls once they start talking.....they don't stop! My 19 year old is still talking up a storm!