Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Doings

The sun finally arrived!!! Bright, warm and completely unobstructed by white fluffies or grey gloomies - this is what makes it worth it to live in the Pacific Northwest!!!! And warm!!! We broke out the summer clothes and the kids were even heard to say the "H Word". As in "Mom, I'm h**. Can we play in the sprinkler?" It was fabulous!
Glorious blue sky!!
And more excitement - Abbie's first tooth came out. She is so proud of her new smile!!!
We had guests yesterday, as well. I had heard that some new neighbors had moved in next door and they came to visit us. I must admit I was surprised at how comfortable they made themselves. They came early and stayed far longer than we thought they would - which caused some distraction for school. We offered them food - which they ate with gusto - then asked for more!! A little later they took naps - at our house - amazing! They did kindly allow me to take their pictures and even to post them here. I am sure they will be back as they popped over several times yesterday. They were delightful company inspite of their quirks and we are hoping they will bring their children some day.
Such a lovely couple!
We are enjoying more sunshine today before it goes away under the grey clouds we are more used to around here! What a blessed thing sunshine is!!!


Simply Stork said...

so cute...love the post!

soak up that vit-d...it was so warm...a very pleasant surprise that is for sure :o)


sister said...

Ha Ha!!! You totally got me for a while there! Way too cute! xoxo

Fruitful Harvest said...

So fun...
I thouht you were talking about people moved in next door. Very clever....I love ducks too how cool!


Cinnamon said...

Too funny~ you had me going too. Hee hee~ Good post~ Cinnamon