Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday! Birthday!

May 2 - my sweet littlest boy turns four - for real - he was convinced he turned four on Valentines Day. But this is it - for real - my baby boy is not a baby any more!! He's a big boy for real!

And what a wondrous little boy he is. Born nine minutes after we arrived at the birth center that Spring day four years ago - we left home and returned with a baby three hours later in time to say Good Morning to our others and introduce them to their new brother before breakfast.

And he's been on the move ever since!!
His imagination keeps him ever busy and never bored!! Sticks have immense potential in his hands - in fact I rarely see him without one when he's outside. His collection of special sticks is ever growing.

Movement is the name of the game:
But in all his busyness he always has time for affection and love. His brothers and sisters are his best ever playmates. Many times a day he runs up to me and says,"Mommy, mommy guess what? I love you bery, bery, bery buch!!!" And then with a big sloppy boy kiss and a sticky gooey boy hug he's off on his next adventure!
Jacob, my wonderful, amazing little boy, God blessed us when he put you in our family!! Guess what? Mommy and Daddy love you very, very, very much!!! Hugs and Kisses and Happy Birthday!!!


BECKY said...

You have such a lovely family, and this little guy is simply precious!! Hope his birthday is great fun for all!!

Have a lovely weekend,

trickysticks said...

I just love this brave little boy who let me open the big heavy door for him yesterday. He IS growing up!

Jessica Argon said...

He is so cute. I just found your blog by reading others blogs. I like yours. It is fun to find others with the same kind of thinking. Blessings!

Simply Stork said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob :o)

my favorite "little big boy"


Kimberly said...

Have fun, when you blink he'll be a teenager, and then the excitement is no longer bugs and rocks, but those foreign creatures, teenage girls

Tricia said...

Certainly looks like baby sister loves him. What a beautiful boy.