Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally Listening

Sometimes God steps in and makes a person listen - even when they don't really want to - not that I would ever be such a person - no not me!! Ha ha ha!

For a while I'd been convicted about how much time I was spending on the computer. And being the always obedient person that I am - I immediately listened and cut back - NOT!!

I won't say God broke our computer but when it did break down He did bring to mind how much more productive I was and how much more time I spent doing things with my children.

Now, I was not spending all day on the computer (or even half the day :0) - but it was stealing time I should have been using differently.

So, this week - even though my computer was fixed I spent the time doing things like planting my garden and baking and tending a fussy, teething baby.

My garden is starting to come together - I'm so happy - the kids and I got it all in before we leave town this weekend!!
So I've enjoyed this impromptu blogging break!! We are going to spend this weekend with Grandma and Papa celebrating Grandma's Birthday!!! We are looking forward to it!! I am planning to work computer time into my schedule when I get back home next Tuesday. Guilt free computer time is so much more fun!!!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is wonderful!!!


Simply Stork said...

have great fun :o) and Happy Birthday to G-ma :o)

ps...your beds look fabulas!!!

Anonymous said...

They do look great, and makes me think I might should do some more planting this weekend!

Cinnamon said...

Isn't it nice to take some time off :-) So glad you enjoyed it but also glad to hear from you too.


Tricia said...

Yea for blogging breaks. We got our garden in too. Finally. And today we got just enough rain.

Kimberly said...

Have a great weekend. We are still recovering from 18 straight days of rain. The sun has been shining for a few days, and we are starting to dry out. We are planning a cookout at home on Monday, I am still waiting on the area under my clothesline to dry up...It is so soggy i sink...drat that Al Gore

Tereza said...

I love your gardens!! and know what you mean about the computer:)