Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig

After a wonderful, restful long weekend visiting my parents we are home again. I so very badly want to post pictures but our camera is most sadly deceased. I'm anxious to go out and get a new camera right away because now that I know what to do with all my pictures (post them here :0) I find it hard to be without one. Thankfully my husband is less hasty than me and so we will be shopping sanely with some research to find a good camera for a reasonable price.

So once again I'm asking for my friends to use their imagination.

Our weekend had a bit of a rocky start as Esther came down with a case of Roseola complete with fever, fussing and a beautiful measles style rash. Poor baby wasn't very happy for a while. She did look amazing though with pink freckles all over!!

We left our home before dawn for the long drive to avoid holiday traffic and to enjoy the peace of sleeping babies (who while they are awake dislike car seats with a passion) It was a lovely, quiet drive through farmland and deep forests, clear cuts and small towns to arrive at Grandma and Papa's house very near the Pacific coast on the edge of the rain forest.

While we were visiting we got to enjoy the company of many different kinds of birds, chipmunks, and the local elk herd who grazed right across the street - so amazingly beautiful!!

We baked Grandma a birthday cake and carefully decorated with an abundance of sprinkles loving placed with little fingers one by one with intense concentration -fun to watch for sure (man I wish my camera was working!!!)

The weather was beautiful - sunny with a few clouds sailing by. We walked to the nearby stream and played - finding frogs and little fish and throwing rocks. We went to the ocean beach and played in the sand and ran from the waves (with only one falling in but many getting good and wet - brrr - that water is cold!!) We played games, wrestled with Papa, colored pictures, ate great food and some of the big ones shot guns with Papa. And of course Mom and I talked and talked and talked :0)!!

Oh, what a wonderful time we had!!! God knew I needed this blessed time with my parents! How I love them!! This was memory making time for sure!!

Now, on with real life again. I hope the peace and rest I found this weekend will hang with me even when things get crazy again!!!


Tricia said...

Hey who needs a camera with this beautiful, scenic story. I can see it. Almost like a Christmas card. So glad you had a good time. Sorry about the sickness.

Kimberly said...

Glad you had a wonderful time, and came home refreshed. I am threatening to run away to Grannies for a few days. I get homesick really quickly, but it sounds so wonderful, to be the baby for a few days. I am just so tired right now, i think it is spiritual, and emotional, as well as physical, i feel so drained. I opened my big fat mouth and agreed to run the kitchen for vbs next week, now i don't think it is such a good idea

BECKY said...

You sound like us after we got back from our little getaway!! Sometimes getting back to life in the reality lane can be a bit of a downer, but I made sure I kept my focus on my blessings and thankfully it didn't happen.

It's so awesome that you had such wonderful time with your parents. Every time I visited mine I came home fresh and uplifted, too. The next time we visit will be in heaven now! Oh what a day that will be!!

Blessings, sweetie!!

sister said...

Your beautiful description filled in all the gaps the camera would have filled. I almost like it better without pictures...so peaceful! I'm so glad you had a good time, and I'm praying for the peace to continue as you roll up your sleeves and get back to work. My turn to go next!!