Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Uhhh, Houston, We Have A Problem!

It seems our computer is sick - and needs to go off to the computer hospital again. Hubby thinks it's not a virus this time but a hardware problem. So, surgery for the poor thing this time. I have access to my Hubby's laptop for the moment.

It truly has been an interesting week. I'm sitting here nursing a feverish, fussy baby - listening to my others sniff and cough - colds have appeared again in our midst. My husband received some somewhat unexpected news at work that was difficult and demoralizing for him and worrisome for me. Our budget will be impacted for sure. So life hasn't appeared to be very much fun around here.

BUT....There are positives - the time away from my computer has been well spent and actually has been a blessing. Guess what I did with my time? I made goat cheese!!! It was really fun. I also have spent more time with the kids. As I type that I'm thinking how very silly that sounds - have I really allowed this machine to steal my time with my children? Isn't that why I stay home? Wow, guess that is a good lesson learned!

As far as my husband's job - I'm thankful he has a job. We still will eat, we still will sleep in our own beds, we still will be able to clothe our children. For all this I'm very grateful! It isn't easy to be told that our budget is impacted because my husband just got the short end of the stick in the budget crisis his company is experiencing! But I was hit this Sunday during the sermon with how badly I want a deeper relationship with Jesus - you know the kind the Scripture talks about - the Bride and Bridegroom kind. This news may be the catalyst to get me there. Depending on God every time I grocery shop and head to the thrift store for kids clothes is faith growing for me. Seeing again how God cares about the small things in our life is an awe inspiring thing - how this very big God - knows that our pantry needs to be filled is amazing. How touched I am that He allows me to approach Him for our every need!

And guess what? As I write this the sky is clearing after many days of nothing but rain, rain and more rain!!! I can see patches of blue - what a welcome sight!!!!

I will admit one thing though, I can't think of one reason to be joyful about the cold germs that are once again invading the place. Sorry - just can't :0)!!!

This writing isn't just a way to tell my woes - it really is a way to say that I'm looking for joy and I'm excited to see how God will work. I know He's Good and that He hears me and I'm so glad for His presence in my life - more than glad - amazed, delighted, humbled and in awe that He chooses to be involved!!!! What a great God we have - He sent His Son to take the punishment for my sins and then allows me to speak to Him for my daily and hourly needs! Amazing!!!

A quick update: My friend Cinnamon over at Knights and Maidens Gathering mentioned that there is a way to be joyful about our colds - ready? - here it is - I can be thankful it's not lice!!! Hahahahaha! I can't stop laughing!! She's so right! I am thankful it's not lice - very, very thankful!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh no more colds? Will it ever end? There is one thing to be glad about your colds. Be glad it's not lice :-9 that's ~not~ fun.

Sorry to hear about your husbands job. That is never easy to take, budget cuts, but you're so right it does put us right back where we long to be, coming to God for our every need.


Kimberly said...

I am glad to see you back, i thought something might be wrong, and as strange as it sounds, i missed you.

I have started another Agatha Christie book, but it may take me longer to read, as i think i am going to live...

I really can relate to the job woes, my husband works for a company that cut-back on supervisor bonuses(and no raise in 4 years, only bonuses, they can take away) also, they stopped paying profit sharing each quarter, and into pensions.. WE have really felt the pinch, but the Lord provides, and even though it takes a lot more planning when preparing wonderful economic meals, it can be done...i try to plan and be as careful as possible, i may even be addicted to the Salvation Army...I love going in there, i hope i feel better soon, i haven't gone in 2 weeks.

I will pray for an improvement in your situation,and as my husband tells me when i get down or irritated, he still has a job.

I would surely send a troop of children to visit if you were in my neck of the woods, thank you for the kind thoughts.

Your friend has quite the sense of humor....lice!!!!the word that always sends the mothers of large families into a panic

Tereza said...

yes God does care about all those details!!
Your post had me smiling!

BECKY said...

I just love your joyful outlook!! And I give a big hearty Hallelujah to the LICE thng!! LOL!! What a great sense of humor she has!!

Seeing God's provision for us to me is an incredibly wonderful blessing. We see changes in the status of things at hubby's work coming soon as well. When it happens I pray my outlook continues to be the same!!

I will also pray for your situation. May God meet your every need according to His riches in glory and satisfy you daily with His Word!

Blessings and hugs, sweetie,

P.S. I SO admire you, and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!! I have four children here and four more I haven't met yet waiting for me in heaven!! What a glorious day that will be!!

Simply Stork said...

I have tried your goat cheese today :o) YUM!!! now guess what I want to make :o)

I will keep your little one in my prayers tonight...poor thing :o-


ps...that Cinnamon is one funny chick :o)

Tricia said...

Oh my, I would be thankful it's not that either!! What a wonderful post. We too have been hit through all this financial stuff. Pretty much a 50% cut in pay. But no matter, you said it all. We can see God working and I have faith we will continue to see it. What a blessed and holy thing it is too.