Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm back!!! Computer is fixed and I don't have to use the laptop. I'm so glad - the laptop is just hard for me to use. But - I guess the memory card on my camera is toast so I can't take any pictures. I actually lost a whole bunch of great pictures when it went bad - I'm bummed. I won't ever keep so many pictures on my memory card again!!!

Other good news - the sun is supposed to come out at long last in time for the weekend!!! We've had so much rain and cold. We do have to get through one more cloudy and chilly day (starting out in the 30's temp wise) but then warm in the upper sixties - yahoo!!!! Short sleeves and flip flops (actually I've been wearing my flip flops for a while - pretending it's warm enough cause I hate shoes - but my toes have been very cold!!!).

This is what I'm hoping to do all weekend (well, church of course but this is the only other thing):
Dig!!!!! All Saturday!! Just dig!! My garden needs me to just dig! Then all next week I can plant my seeds!! I can't wait!! I just am aching to dig!!

Hope your weekend is filled simple joys like digging!!!


Simply Stork said...

so glad your computer is fixed at last :o)

thank you for praying...I have had a wonderful dream...I can't wait to tell you all about it :o)


Amy said...

I didn't realize what a joy digging was until yesterday. It really is delightful - of course it wasn't 90 degrees yet either. ;)

I'm anxious to get my garden going, too!

Kimberly said...

Glad your computer is fixed, too bad about all your pictures, Ben fixed my flower beds, Nicoles lettuce and tomatoes drowned...

I like to work in my flower beds too, but they are still so mucky..

Ross' Cottage said...

I am aching to dig also! Just to get outside and do some sort of yard work. My hubby did mow our lawn...just before the rain started yesterday. I was so glad because our lawn was so tall. I hope your gardening goes well. I am also sorry to hear about your lost pictures. See you at school later this week....Rossee