Monday, May 11, 2009

Rhubarb Galore

Well, I still don't have my regular computer - it's still sick - so it's laptop for me. My camera is acting up anyway so I can't seem to take pictures. It keeps telling my there is a problem - I hope to figure that out. Computers stuff is supposed to make everything easier - Bah!! Oh, well. This kind of stuff is job security for my hubby. All that to say - imagination is needed to read this post.

I was given about a bushel of fresh rhubarb yesterday! Yum! So today we took care of it all. I gave the kids all knives and set them to slicing it all up - even Jacob loved doing it - he kinda mauled it but he had fun :0)!! They got it all cut in just a little over an hour. Sam was just awesome - he sat there after everyone else pooped out and finished the last few stalks. Then Ruthie and I made 5 pies, 2 crisps and a double batch of sauce. The pies are for the freezer, one crisp is for dinner tonight - reward for all their work :0)!! The other crisp is for our neighbor (he just had his second back surgery in two weeks and now has a bad cold - he's had a rough time of it and needs some cheering up!!) And the sauce is just to put on whatever we feel like!

It feels good to already be putting stuff up for fall and winter. It's one of my favorite things about summer (although summer is definitely NOT arrived here - the weather still can't decide what to do - seems a bit March-like today!!) I feel very productive when I'm busy filling the freezers and the canning shelves.

Well, now comes the fun part - cleaning up the kitchen (looks like a bomb went off in there - a bomb made of flour and brown sugar :0) Back to work!!


vs said...

Oh I've seen that kitchen bomb before. I'll never forget a few years ago doing 8 bushels of peaches. It took pretty much the whole week. Never again will I do that much at once but the price was so right that we couldn't resist. But it's always worth it when it's done.

Cinnamon said...

How fun, what sweet memories and yummy smelling "bombs" I'm sure :-)


trickysticks said...

Ah, rhubarb......I have a plant that I don't think any bomb could kill. (I tried to dig it out, with no success, it just came back more healthy than before!) I have never known what to do with rhubarb because it seems that you need a bunch of sugar to make it taste decent. Maybe you have some help for me?

Simply Stork said...

ahhh rhubarb...crazy stuff isn't it??? one always needs twice as much sugar than one thinks...funny thing is when my daughter was little you could find her in one place...sitting in the midths of the rhubarb patch sucking on one of the stalks...she's a strange one :o)

happy freezer stacking to you :o)


BECKY said...

You're such a good keeper of your home!! I need to get to putting some things up for fall and winter, too! And start on making some Christmas gifts! Whoa!! And finish up my other projects!! YIKES! That's alot!! One day at a time!!


Fruitful Harvest said...

Sounds yummo! I'll be right over! hee hee!
My 2 youngest(girls) got in to the flour the other day...messy messy!