Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Coast

My family and I have been playing hooky for the last few days - that is if we had started school we'd be playing hooky. We decided to take one more long weekend before all things Autumn start - like Fall church schedules, home school co-op, and last but not least the return of the rain!! So off to Papa and Grandma's house we went - on the Washington Coast. I have lots of pictures (the area is sooo beautiful!!) so I'm sorry if it gets boring - kinda like watching someones slide show :0)!!!

We spent one day at a beautiful lake in the rain forest:

Goin' fishing with Papa:
The lake:

In the forest:

Crawdad fishin':
The catch:

Tasty appetizers - yummy!!!
We of course, spent time on the beach - this beach is almost always foggy and cold - but we were blessed this time with some clearing and no wind (unusual!!)

Then the kids had a good time playing by the awesome little creek near Grandma and Papa's home:
That water is COLD!!!

Sam found a beaver skull in the creek:

Playing an ancient vine maple fort (a God made fort!!)

We had a marvelous time and now are ready to start gearing up for the season to come!!!


*Mirage* said...

Oh my! So beautiful! It looks so peaceful. I don't live in WA but close. ;) We have some areas like this in my state but not near where I live. I live in the desert part. We have some quality sage brush though. Yep.

Amy said...

That is some beautiful landscape!!! It is neat to see how different yet beautiful all of God's creation is and wonderfully made. Looks like a great time:)

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Friend!!
I love all of these photos and they are not boring at all!! The one of the tree and the fungi growing on it is awesome. And is that all drift wood in that one pic? I love driftwood, and if there were more of it here, I'd have some everywhere!! I only have one piece in my beach/spa theme bathroom. :(

I bet the kids had a blast! They are all so cute! Love the crawdad pics, too! Funny I thought crawdads were southern thingies!!
Who knew??

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far and that your Friday is delightful!

So glad we met in blogland. Love your sweet spirit, and your love for family! Right there with ya on that!!

Blessings and hugs,

Kimberly said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, glad you and the family had such a wonderful break together. Welcome home, have a great back to school with your family...I am considering keeping the children out tues. due to the weird address by the President, these people are over the top...

Have a wonderful weekend..
Blessings from your sister in christ~

Kimberly said...

We were looking at your pictures today, and Christian wants to know why you wanted to eat a bug??/