Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Boy!!!

Another Birthday!!! My Samuel will be turning ten years old tomorrow!!! I don't know where the time has gone!

My fun-loving, game playing, sweet natured boy is growing up!!!
He is going to be ten years old!! People often comment on his small stature (he takes after his momma :0)) But Sam has a heart so big that I wonder where he keeps it!!

He is a willing and cheerful helper!!

He is a great big brother who loves to play with and help his little brothers and sisters!
And best of all he loves Jesus!! He prays for his family and friends and really wants to please God!!

Sam, Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you!! You are a blessing to this family and I'm so glad God gave you to us!!! Happy Birthday, Honey!!! We love you lots and lots!!!!


BECKY said...

Happy birthday to Sam! What a joy to a mother's heart that her child loves Jesus!! It just doesn't get any better than that!!

A godly heritage is such a wonderful thing!! May God continue to bless you and your sweet family with the fruits that come from abiding in Him!

Have a joyful Friday, sweetie!

Cinnamon said...

Awww, happy birthday! All ten yr olds love legos don't they? Too cute!


Fruitful Harvest said...

Happy Birthday~kiddo!

I came over to let you know I have a Loyal Friend award for you over at my blog!
Did you get my email about the Scout camping?


Kimberly said...

You've had a busy month too...Alexandra loves the corn pictures of Essie, she keeps yelling bite it...

*Mirage* said...

What a handsome young man and one to be proud of! :) Happy Birthday, Sam!