Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am finally feeling a little less tired and jet lagged!!! But before I share more about our missions trip I must take the time to talk about Esther. Yesterday she turned a year old!!! I just can't believe this year has gone so very fast!!

Last year on this day I was completely overwhelmed and amazed by the sudden and early arrival of our baby here, here, and here (a look back at our sweet surprise).

Every day we are blessed by Esther and thank God for her presence in our life. I know God has big things planned for her - after all He's already used her on a missions trip!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! Daddy and I love you very, very much!!!!


Tricia said...

What a sweet little one. Happy birthday Esther. We have a birthday today in our house. Janai turned 7. They grow way to quickly.

Cinnamon said...

Oh my~ She's such a little lady, all grown up~ Granton says "Happy Birthday" from one 1yr old to another :-)


trickysticks said...

Yes, I remember our visit on a day not long before Miss E. appeared on the scene. You were wondering where the diapers were in storage.....You had to find them pretty fast! Happy #1 to the smallest Wayson!

BECKY said... very sweet!! Happy Birthday Esther!! I just love your mother's heart!! Hope all is going well. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Blessings and hugs,