Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

Some people I know have asked for more pictures of Hawaii so here they are - these are of the scenery and of some of the fun we had - there are other pictures of our VBS that I posted last week in case you missed them :0)!!

Orchids in the beautiful garden of the youth leader of the church

In the church garden
After church on our last Sunday
Yes, we did get the chance to try our hand at surfing:

My boys acted like they'd been doing it all their lives!

And yes, I did catch a wave or two myself - although I won't be giving it all up to go spend my life surfing!!! That Seattle tan was much to shocking for the local surfers!! (Not to mention they were all way younger and skinnier :0)!!:We had a day of wind and torrential rain and 85 degrees - a novelty for us PNWesterners who are used to steady chilly drizzle - they thought we were crazy to go out and play in it - it was great!!

Sun rise on the beach - another thing I've never seen before living on the West Coast - we go to the beach to see the sun set - needless to say my directions were all mixed up because the water was on the wrong side!!

This tree was filled with sprays of flowers that smelled fabulous - there were tons of tiny birds who seemed to love the tree as much as I did!!
Hope you enjoyed - have a wonderful Saturday and a blessed Lord's Day!!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh I loved all the pictures!! Hawaii is beautiful isn't it? You all looked like you had a great time. YOU? Surfing!! Awesome!!! :-)

Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures.


BECKY said...

WOW!! I am definitely impressed!! You did it gal!! I'm from sun, sand and surf Florida and my church even co sponsors a surf ministry and I haven't done that!!

You go girl!! Great pic...such a lovely place!
Have a wonderful week!