Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Corn Season

The essentials:
The huskers:

Mmmm Good:

Everyone enjoys!!
We love sweet corn season!!!


Cinnamon said...

We love sweet corn too! It's a great dinner item for Granton too as he can't choke on it. It fills his time trying to eat it while I eat my meal :-)

Esther looks so old :-0 She's growing up!


Amy said...

Love the pictures! I also love fresh corn. My husband is allergic to corn and most of my children are not big fans either. Looks yummy! Unfortunately, my grandmother spoiled me when I was a child and always cut it off for me so still eat it that way;)

Susan said...

We eat LOTS of corn in the summertime in this house! It's the only vegetable I can get my husband to eat (well, besides salad)! Delicious!!

BECKY said...

Oh too cute!! We can eat some serious corn too!! We have already had a bunch!! Oops I forgot to scroll and see you surfing!! I'm going to check it out!! Glad you got to go to a regular beach!! If you ever get to Florida, I'll show you mine!!

Blessings friend,

Fruitful Harvest said...

Great pictures!
Wonderful simple so fun!
We eat a lot of corn too.
I tryed to grow some but it did not get to big and has stopped growin' I checked a few ears and they look big enough to eat with nice kernels on them! I will pick and eat next week after our camping trip!
I like to steam mine in the husks just put in oven 350 for about 25min. with husks on!