Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catch Up

The last couple of weeks have been wonderful, memory making and very out of the ordinary. I've enjoyed it all very much but I am very happy to get back to my regular life. Crazy as it may be - Hawaii is wonderful but my heart is here in my home with my whole family around me!!

While the trip was great there is some catching up around here that has needed to be done :)

On rest - this was not a restful trip for anyone :),
On laundry (of course),
On housework (of course, again),
On my garden,
On playing with the younger kids,
and on blogging!!!

The last three items are so much more fun :)
Essie always my "helper":

Another garden helper
Resting after all that hard work:
I learned lots on my missions trip - most that I can apply to my daily life - it was a gift from God - an experience that I will always be thankful for!! But for this time in my life - home is were my heart is!!


Cinnamon said...

Do we get to see any pic's? Esther looks so adorable in her outfit. I love little girl outfits.


Fruitful Harvest said...

Welcome back!
Sweet pictures of the baby!

Glad to see it was a safe trip!