Monday, September 14, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...September 14, 2009

Outside my window...Overcast skies and breezy, but my little maple is so pretty with it's green leaves and I can still see blooms on my butterfly bush - my little maple seems to change seasons much more slowly than the rest of the yard - maybe because it's sheltered in it's little nook.

I am thankful for...the awesome thrift store finds this weekend!! Some much needed clothes for Essie and some dishes we really needed - in my colors - with a much cheaper price tag than I anticipated - service for 8. Praise God!!!

I am remembering...the very lovely church picnic we had yesterday - great fellowship with friends!!

I am creating...Christmas gifts

I am make a list and go to the Homeschool consignment shop in the next town over to get the last few books we need for school

I am Utmost for His Highest and a little novel for bedtime (can't remember the name - it's an old one from my book closet.)

I am hoping...that more of my tomatoes ripen in my garden and that my beans produce some more before Autumn really hits

On my mind...our schedule for the school year - getting all the music, dance and other lessons lined up so they don't conflict is a trick to be sure!! Also writing out my Student Learning Plans to submit to the school district - not much fun but necessary.

From the learning rooms...sitting down with the kids and writing out each child's schedule and mine with them so that we are all on the same page.

Noticing spite of the warmer than normal weekend weather the grass never really dried out from the heavy morning dew - Autumn in heading our way quickly.

Pondering these words..."If anyone would come after Me, he must take up his cross and follow Me" Matthew 16:24 If I want to be his disciple, I must give up my right to myself to Him (My Utmost for His Highest)

From the kitchen...I going to put something in the crock pot - not sure what yet - something from the freezer.

Around the house...menus!! :0), tidy up, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen today

One of my favorite things...getting up before the kids and listening to the quiet house (except for the dripping coffee maker - that's a great sound and smell :0)!!!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...time to get the Autumn schedule in place and operational - getting the plans into action this week :0)

A picture to share... My new dishes from the thrift store - I'm so happy with them - they are simple, pretty and best of all - they didn't break the bank!!!

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houseofestrogen said...

Love your pretty new dishes! So dainty. Have a great week!

Liz Tolsma said...

Those dishes are so pretty! I love them!

Simply Stork said...

oh the dishes are so was so nice to see you friend- I am looking forward to school starting :o)

I miss my school friends!


sister said...

Yay! You found some! Very pretty and sweet, so glad for you. Miss you and love you!

Eevee said...

Lovely Dishes ;) Good Find! Waking up before the kids thats one of my favorite things as well...ahhhhhh...the wonderful sound of silence :)

Thanks for sharing!

Liz Tolsma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you were interested in the book I reviewed, then you'll want to pop over to my blog for an exciting announcement!

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
I was just in your neighborhood yesterday and went to a nearby thrift store. Found a shirt for Gracie for this school those thrift store finds. Your dishes are lovely.

I went to mow my lawn yesterday and it was also wet..for sure a sign of autumns coming arrival.

School is almost much to do! It will be a busy year for sure. See you in 2 weeks!
Kim..from the cottage of Ross

Kimberly said...

My favorite hymn is based on that scripture...Take up your cross...I don't know if you know it, but it is very beautiful.