Monday, September 7, 2009

Boys and Toys

So some time ago my cell phone was lost. And there was not one person in this house that I could fuss at about it because - ahem - I lost it.

After a couple of months borrowing a friend's phone our time came to get a new one. So this weekend we did it. Hubs and I got new phones - and the remaining unlost phone became our backup - send with the kids phone. We are not plugged in people - you know - always "in touch" but we have enough kids to keep track of that these are handy tools to help with that.

Well, when we brought these tools home you would have thought we'd brought home a new puppy what with all the enthusiasm the teens showed!! They love gadgets!! So my teen boys knowing I'm backwards when it comes to technology offered to set up all the "stuff" for me.

My first call on my new phone came when my children called while we were visiting a friend last evening.

My ring tone: A giant, GIANT BURP!!!!

And I thought all the burping in the kitchen the other night was just the regular burping wars they engage in!!!



Anonymous said...

I know that burp. It's Tim's......I hear it on Nate's phone all the time. Oh they are too funny.

Anonymous said...

yep thats tim and you have not changed it yet hee hee and yes i agree that the seasons have changed and i love it i just hope the snow comes soon (well mabey not to soon) mabey I should recored some thing and put it as you ring tone hee hee =]

love you mom
love Ruth

Cinnamon said...

OH that's too funny!! Thanks for the laugh~

I will have to tell my boys about that. They have long since been warned about changing my ring tone, except they still sneak a new one in every now and then.


Kimberly said...

I am not entirely certain,but i think our boys are communicating somehow, Kyle did the same thing to his dads phone...

dayz in and dayz out... said...

Excuse me, excuse me from the bottom of my heart...
If it would have come from the other end...
it would of been the ring tone I had a few years back :-)
dayz ~