Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grape Jelly

What I've been up to today:

A friend showed up at my door with this:
So I did this:
And this:
And stirred this:
Poured it into these jars:
To make this: (I know it's not the approved method of sealing jars these days - but my great-grandma, grandma and my mom have all done it this way - so I do too!)

So I could tuck away 13 jars of grape jelly in the pantry under the stairs (keeping my raspberry jam company):

So she and her brothers and sisters can have homemade grape jelly on their toast this winter!!!

It's been a good day!!!


Simply Stork said...



Cheryl said...

I absolutely love making grape jam! I am envious as I don't think I will get to it this year! In the middle of winter, eat some for me, k? :o)

BECKY said...

You just amaze me Christine!! I need to come watch you in action and be inspired and learn! I have a friend like you up in VA...I don't know how you get done all that you do!! Way to go girl!! And oh my what a big smile came across my face when I scrolled down to your little cutie!!

Your blog looks great! Hope you have a blissful day!

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of work but really YUMMY!

Eevee said...

Promise not to laugh at me :)

I'm amazed by this. Seriously :) I being a city gal all my life it never occured to me that women actually can make jelly at home!

btw/ beautiful baby

Eevee :)