Monday, September 28, 2009

FOR TODAY...September 28, 2009
Outside my window...Beautiful sunny skies, a chilly nip in the air - A lovely Indian Summer day!!

I am thankful for...The wonderful blessing of spending time with my blogging friend Cinnamon at Knights and Maidens Gathering. We got to host them twice - overnight on Thursday night and again last night. (See previous post)

I am I got started blogging and all the wonderful things I've learned and the wonderful people I've met on the way.

I am creating...Christmas gifts. One of the gifts I've been working on is not pleasing me so I'm considering pulling it out and starting over. It means picking out more colors for the project which intimidates me - I never feel confident picking colors. I need someone to come with me to the yarn shop!!!

I am sit down and go over my week's plans - homeschool co-op starts this week. Since our company just left an hour ago my brain is a little scrambled (in a good way!!) so I need to get back on track!!

I am reading...My Utmost for His Highest and a novel by Grace Livingston Hill - I just love her sweet books!!

I am hoping...That Cinnamon and her family has a safe journey home and that their son Gunnar feels well soon - he was feeling unwell when they left.

On my mind...Our appliances - our dishwasher is broken and our washing machine and dryer are acting up. I can do dishes by hand (or my kids can :0)!!) but laundry is another story!! So far the machine still washes if we turn the dial by hand when it gets to the rinse cycle - but really - I am concerned. Trying not to be because God even cares about things like this!!

From the learning rooms...Today will be a lighter day as I have a tad bit of tidying to do after squeezing fifteen kids into our house :0)!! But then our co-op classes start so this week we will really see how our schedule works!!

Noticing that...the wind is picking up outside - I wonder if the weather is going to change - the long delayed rain may be arriving!!

Pondering these words..."I have been driven to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go" Abraham Lincoln. I am just going to give my appliances to God!!! :0)

From the kitchen...Cinnamon taught me how to make homemade tortillas last night!!! Yummy!! There are leftovers so we are having those for dinner tonight. Then I'm planning my menu for the rest of the week!!

Around the house...Just general tidying up. Cinnamon's family really didn't leave much of a mess - just a really good sweeping and getting the kitchen back in order - oh yeah - I need to see to the bathrooms too - the kids played in the dirt and I suspect there is a bit of that hanging around after lots of little hands were washing up!!

One of my favorite things...A house full of people!!! I love to feed people and see to their comfort!! What a blessed time it was to host my friends!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Get my act together to be out the door early two days a week - I'm looking forward to co-op - just need to be really organized!!

A picture to share...Esther and Granton - such cuties - I never expected that our babies would get to meet in real life - we've spent so much time looking at our babies pictures on the computer - to get to hold Granton and give him a squeeze was such a treat!!! (please excuse the ugly couch - it's the teen hangout - jump on and generally destroy spare couch upstairs - it's pretty yucky!!!)
Have a wonderful Monday!!
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BECKY said...

Hi Christine,
Love reading your entries, sweetie. Sorry to hear about your appliances! I have prayed many a prayer over mine, and God always provided! I can tell your thoughts are still lingering with the joy of meeting your bloggy friend in cool!! I know she must have been totally blessed by you, dear!!

I'll pray for your appliances too! And we'll see what happens!
Have a joyful week, and know how much I appreciate YOU! :o)

Love and hugs,