Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who woulda thought...

A year and a half ago when I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing and what it would lead to. I really started mainly to ease that nagging guilt that I carried - something I kept a secret from all my creative friends. I don't scrap book!! And the guilty secret - I have NO interest in it!! Well, I do love the pretty paper and stickers all lined up at the craft store but the idea of sitting down surrounded with piles of the stuff and making a big mess?!! No thanks!!! Anyway - back to the subject - blogging was a way to record my life and my kids life without the muss!!

But I had no idea what blogging really was. I had no idea that I would find a community out there of other mothers with many children - other women who loved to make their homes a beautiful, cozy place to rest. I did not know that I would find encouragement for my soul and inspiration for my mind. And mostly I did not expect to make friends!! I don't have many people who leave comments but I have grown to love and appreciate the friends that come and "visit" me.

During my blogging life I really did not think that I would ever get to meet my any of my bloggy friends in person, yet God surprised me once again!! My friend over at Knights and Maidens Gathering has a son who lives fairly near us and he is getting married this weekend and guess what?!!! We got the pleasure of hosting Cinnamon and her children for a night while they traveled toward this big event!! What a blessing!! She and seven of her nine children drove from the mid-west all the way over here to Washington State.

They arrived very late and immediately the kids all paired up - made friends and chaos ensued!! Wonderful, noisy, happy chaos!! And for me and Cinnamon - it felt like we'd known each other a long time - which we did - just not in person.

Grace and Granton - Ruthie and Esther:

Most of the gang
Abbie and Gianna - I think Abbie found her long lost twin!!!
Gage and Sam
And Cinnamon and I - if I look very tired (which I do) - it's because we stayed up until 3:30 A.M. visiting. I honestly can't remember when I stayed up that late (voluntarily that is - I know sick and teething babies have kept me up - but that was not even close to fun!!!)
And it looks like we will get to have them over one more time before they take that long drive back to their home. We are all looking forward to one more visit. I'm sure Cinnamon will put up lots of pictures of their big event as well!!
What a blessing it was to meet my friend and hear her voice and meet her children and share our lives. God has even used this somewhat temperamental machine to bless me in unexpected ways!! Isn't He amazing?!!!
Have a blessed weekend!!!


BECKY said...

Oh Christine, This just brought tears to my eyes because I never expected blogging to be what I have discovered it to be either! I haven't met any bloggy friends yet, but plan to meet one from Orlando in a few weeks! Isn't it amazing how through this little screen and keyboard we can connect and really bond?

I am so delighted for the friendship that you and Cinnamon have begun! What a blessing indeed! The kids seem quite content, too!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, gal, and know that I really appreciate having you as a friend! !!
Love ya,

Tricia said...

So glad they all arrived safely. Our kids too did the same thing when we stopped by Cinnamon's home on our way back from Colorado. We really enjoyed our visit.

Amy said...

Looks like you and Cinnamon's family had a great time. How neat to get to meet in person but have not had the chance to meet any bloggy friends from far away distances. I have enjoyed getting to know Cinnamon as well through emails. Have fun again when you get together on their way back home.

Simply Stork said...



Fruitful Harvest said...

So cool~
We live close.....maybe we can get together?

I live near Tacoma.